Visual workflows

Visualize your workflow with Kanban boards. Streamline tasks, manage workload, increase productivity, and achieve your goals. Its even possible to process email in your preferred workflow.

Visualize your team's workload.

Monitor and manage tasks and even emails from any team or email account, such as finance@, support@, and sales@, in Kanban boards. Add subtasks, set time or points estimates, and stay in control.

Collaborate across workspaces.

Tailor workflows to your team’s needs with colors, tags, and stages. Assign tasks to teammates, add quick notes, and @mention teammates to collaborate but keep a bird’s eye view across multiple workspaces.

Slide in critical info like contact information, related tasks, or emails with a single click.

Put repetitive work on auto-pilot.

Automate your company’s day-to-day processes across Projects, Tasks, and Emails. Choose triggers and set conditions to auto-assign, add, or change tasks, colors, assignees, status and more.

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Our users
say it better

"RogerRoger helps us keeping track during the tax return periods. This is when email conversations are peaking and filled with important information needed by the whole team. It sure saves a LOT of CC's and forwards!"
Albert Nieborg
Owner Adviesbureau all-in
"We save tons of time by eliminating clunky inbox searches. Sharing mail (securely) and collaborating on tasks was new to us but turns out to be a real game changer in productivity."
Dries Beljon
"Managing mailboxes for our clients is a challenging task. We struggled to keep everything organized in Outlook. By adding RogerRoger to our workflow, handling email is a breeze again!"
Brigitte Dobbelsteijn
Owner BD BusinessCall

Other features you will love ...


Organize your tasks into a clear and efficient process, so you can get more done and reach your goals faster.


Keep track of all your to-dos and responsibilities in one central location to boost productivity.


Effortlessly delegate tasks to team members to ensure that everyone is working effectively and efficiently.

Task Notes

Add important details, comments, or instructions to your tasks to keep everyone informed and on the same page.


Easily track your team's workload and ensure that everyone is working at a pace that is manageable and sustainable.

Due Dates

Set deadlines and reminders to ensure that you stay on top of all your tasks and meet all your deadlines.

Task Templates

Save time and effort by using pre-made templates for common tasks, projects, or workflows.


Categorize your tasks by category or priority to help you stay organized and focused on what's important.


Automate repetitive tasks to save time and reduce errors. Customize workflows for improved efficiency.

Team Chat

Communicate with your team in real-time, share files and feedback, and stay connected for better collaboration and productivity.

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