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Turn any message
into a deal 🤝

Manage multichannel sales without missing a beat.

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A shared inbox to manage
tasks and deals.

Stop switching between email, LinkedIn, tasks, and deals all day.
It’s a productivity killer.

Your inbox is terrible for collaborating

An inbox is great for 1-to-1 communication. But collaborating on it often leads to piles of CCs, missing context, unanswered messages and lost opportunities.

Email is terrible for collaborating

Your inbox is not a
to-do list

Your inbox cannot provide a clear view of what needs to be done by you or your team members. CRMs and ticketing systems can't fix your cluttered inbox.
Your inbox is not a to-do list

Information gets lost
using too many tools

Juggling different tools to manage email and tasks leads to chaos. Contact information, emails, and tasks must stay connected for easy processing, right?
Information gets lost using multiple tools
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Bring your sales to a whole new level.

Work smarter

Work smarter & keep the work moving

Shared Inbox

It's more than just a shared inbox. Share drafts, assign emails or LinkedIn messages to teammates or teams, leave notes, and chat with your team.


Kanban boards are the easiest way to create all types of workflows, collaborate on tasks, or manage deals in a sales pipleine.

Workflow automations

Create powerful rules to automate your workflows. Help your team focus and real-time visibility.

Team inbox and
project management

RogerRoger is a crossover between a team inbox and project management. Two worlds in one, build to simplify how teams get work done.

Team level view on email and tasks

Custom workflows for every process

Open up critical context to your team

Team inbox

LEAN LAWYERS works up to 20% more efficient.

"We save a lot of time by eliminating clunky searches. Sharing emails and collaborating on tasks was new to us, but turns out to be a real game changer in productivity.”

Dries Beljon, Co-Founder LEAN LAWYERS

Email collaboration made teamwork a breeze.

RogerRoger helps us keeping track of work during the tax return periods. This is when email conversations are peaking and filled with important information needed by the whole team. It sure saves a LOT of CC's and forwards!

Albert Nieborg, Owner Adviesbureau all-in

We love RogerRoger, it's a smart way to manage email.

Managing mailboxes for our clients is a challenging task. We struggled to keep everything organized in Office. By adding RogerRoger to our workflow, handling email is a breeze again!

Brigitte Dobbelsteijn, Owner at BD BusinessCall

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