Shared inbox

Manage group emails like support@, sales@ or any other team email and simplify email collaboration. Replace your cluttered inbox, team aliases with a shared inbox designed for efficiency.

More transparency with shared inboxes

Frustrated by messy inboxes, distribution lists, insecure password sharing, and endless Cc's? We feel you! With RogerRoger, you streamline email collaboration and organization.  

Easily assign emails to specific teammates, start internal conversations, make a task out of any email, and manage workload.

Visualize your work with Kanban boards

Visualize work from any shared inbox or project with Kanban boards and distribute your team's workload by dragging and dropping the work from one column to another.

Convert emails into task cards, assign them, link the right contacts,  prioritize, add sub-tasks and set due dates.

Let’s automate your daily workflows

Stop doing tedious repetitive work, use smart automation rules.

Let your team automatically assign emails and tasks, add tags for structure, streamline their outreach with automatic email replies, meeting invites, customizable email templates, and more.

Our users
say it better

"RogerRoger helps us keeping track during the tax return periods. This is when email conversations are peaking and filled with important information needed by the whole team. It sure saves a LOT of CC's and forwards!"
Albert Nieborg
Owner Adviesbureau all-in
"We save tons of time by eliminating clunky inbox searches. Sharing mail (securely) and collaborating on tasks was new to us but turns out to be a real game changer in productivity."
Dries Beljon
"Managing mailboxes for our clients is a challenging task. We struggled to keep everything organized in Outlook. By adding RogerRoger to our workflow, handling email is a breeze again!"
Brigitte Dobbelsteijn
Owner BD BusinessCall

Other features you will love ...

Email to Task

Convert emails into actionable tasks with one click. Stay on top of your inbox and never miss a to-do again.


Collaborate with team members by tagging them in comments. Keep everyone in the loop and streamline communication.

Email Notes

Add notes to important emails and keep track of key information. Stay organized and save time searching for details.


Assign emails and tasks to team members and track progress. Ensure accountability and improve team productivity.

Shared Accounts

Share email accounts like @support or @info with team members. Collaborate in real-time and streamline workflows.

Email Signatures

Add a professional touch to your emails. Customize your signature to include contact information and branding.

Connect Every Account

Easily integrate email accounts from Gmail, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Imap, and Pop for seamless productivity.


Manage and share files or documents with team members. Keep everything in one place and improve collaboration.

Team Chat

Communicate with team members in real-time. Discuss tasks and projects, ask questions, and stay connected.

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