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Are you an accountant overwhelmed by endless email threads and client communication chaos? Meet RogerRoger, your strategic partner in turning your email management from a daily stressor into a streamlined, efficient process. Designed with the precision and reliability that you value.

The benefits for accountants

Picture an inbox that works as hard as you do, organized, efficient, and under control. RogerRoger’s solution is more than a tool, it wraps CRM, shared inbox, and task management in one easy-to-use package. Tax season won’tfeel like an inbox nightmare anymore.

Shared inbox for accountants

Assign emails to specific team members, track the status of client queries, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, especially when tax deadlines are looming.

No more sifting through a crowded inbox to find that one crucial email from a client , it’s all organized, accessible, and managed seamlessly.

No more piled-up Emails and  missed messages.

Preserve context in email thread discussions.

Email collaboration

Seamless task management
and delegation

No more lost files or confusion about who is handling a client’s account. RogerRoger’s workspaces and task are your coordinated, precise system for ensuring every assignment is clear and on track.

Stop switching tools to track tasks.

No more manually updating tasks

Task collaboration

Upgrade your client
relationship management

With RogerRoger's CRM system, you won’t have to dig through endless email threads to recall a client's last request or previous tax scenario. It’s your digital client history book, ensuring you always have key information at your fingertips, exactly when you need it.

Automaticly colects emails, tasks, notes and more

Keep emails and tasks together for max context

Smart CRM

Each team member loses up to 90 minutes per day!

RogerRoger turns your team's communication into a streamlined process, cutting out unnecessary chatter and confusion. Easily find old emails, track tasks and know what's been said to a client before you reach out.

Automate and eliminate repetitive tasks

What if your tedious, everyday tasks could handle themselves? RogerRoger's workflow automation offers that solution, clearing away routine tasks and freeing up your valuable time for more detailed and high-level accounting work.

No installation and easy integration: Get started in minutes

RogerRoger is designed for simplicity and ease from the start, no complicated setup, no steep learning curve. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with all common email providers like Outlook, Gmail, Exchange and IMAP ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience.

Integration logo's

Collaborate on tasks
visually in workspaces

Kanban boards offer a straightforward solution to build custom workflows, including email to task. Its a conveniently way for your accounting team to collaboration on tasks and manage projects with ease.


All stays connected with
Smart Collect in your CRM

It's a simplified, efficient way to manage your customer and business information. No more sifting through piles of unrelated data. Smart Collect organizes information relevant to you, making it faster and easier to find exactly what you need.

Smart CRM

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Looking for a better way to process emails while keeping track of tasks and deadlines? Try RogerRoger for free today. You're not alone - many accountants have already turned to RogerRoger to boost their team productivity. 💪

Our users
say it better

"RogerRoger helps us keeping track during the tax return periods. This is when email conversations are peaking and filled with important information needed by the whole team. It sure saves a LOT of CC's and forwards!"
Albert Nieborg
Owner Adviesbureau all-in
"We save tons of time by eliminating clunky inbox searches. Sharing mail (securely) and collaborating on tasks was new to us but turns out to be a real game changer in productivity."
Dries Beljon
"Managing mailboxes for our clients is a challenging task. We struggled to keep everything organized in Outlook. By adding RogerRoger to our workflow, handling email is a breeze again!"
Brigitte Dobbelsteijn
Owner BD BusinessCall

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