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Brigitte Dobbelsteijn

BD Business Call is a professional back-office service provider based in the Netherlands which started with phone services in 2006. They support SMBs with managing mailboxes, appointments, sales, and more. To keep things simple, their setup consists of an Office 365 mailbox managed by ten people.

As a back-office service provider the team has already found the right software to handle phone calls. But they faced challenges managing email and keeping track of the work that needs to be done. Before RogerRoger, they managed email in Outlook, and it took a lot of manual copy/paste and tons of colored labels to give it any structure.


Sharing information between tooling was a big problem. There was no way to tell who was doing what and for whom. Pretty basic stuff.

Using separate tools like Outlook and their CRM to streamline work with internal CCs and colored labels meant switching tools all day to ensure consistent information.

The team was just missing the right features to collaborate and keep track of who was doing what. So BD Business Call founder Brigitte Dobbelsteijn began looking for a solution to structure the way they process email and get their work done more efficiently.

Keeping in mind using the software as a stack could be a costly solution, she looked for a combination of a team inbox and a way to manage tasks in a visual and structured manner.

“We were looking for a tool supporting a task-oriented way of working. Tools offering “tickets” do not cut it for us.”


By using RogerRoger, BD Business Call improved team productivity and spent less time managing workload.

For example, a task is made for the person responsible on that day when an email comes in. The person who performs the task puts his name on it, and everyone on the team immediately knows it is taken care of. If someone cannot complete a task immediately, a tag is attached so everyone knows its status, and the task can be transferred at the end of the service. Note-taking allows the team to collaborate until the task or email is marked “done.”

“Being able to convert an email into a task is a real game-changer for us. We keep the inbox empty, and tasks have a dedicated workspace. We love being able to create workspaces and customize the workflow with columns and tags that fit our way of working”.

RogerRoger is a crossover between a team inbox and project management tools like Trello.

“We love how we can manage email as tasks in a workspace rather than keeping them in our inbox. Now we can see what’s coming up next in an instant.”

Use case

With RogerRoger, they no longer use their inbox as a to-do list but organize their work across multiple workspaces, assignees, and tags.

This way, everybody can see what is still open, assigned, and completed, making the team a lot more efficient and reducing errors significantly.

Brigitte Dobbelsteijn owner @ BD Business Call

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